1. Characters

  2. Adonai: Mezzo-soprano

  3.     The transcendent God of Jews and Christians.

  4. Franziska: Soprano

  5.      Widow of Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian Christian peasant farmer and conscientious objector beheaded by the Nazis.

  6. Dives: Bass

  7.     A citizen of the world, preoccupied with his own well-being, who was blind and deaf to the slaughter of the Jews.

  8. Adam: Tenor

  9.     A repentant Everyman, who acknowledges his share of responsibility for the Holocaust and begs Adonai for mercy.

  10. Reba or Jacob: Soprano

  11.     A frightened Jewish child.

  12. Hebrew Chorus: SATB

  13.     People of faith who draw on the Hebrew scriptures to comment on world events.

  14. Angel Choir: SSA or TTB Gregorian Chant choir

  15.     Messengers of Adonai who pray for the dead and console the mourners.

  16. Repentant Nations: TTBB

  17.     Peoples of the world who acknowledge their share of responsibility for the Holocaust and beg Adonai for mercy.

  18. Rivka: Actor

  19.     A dramatic teller of stories from written accounts of Holocaust survivors.